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Hi everyone,
I just installed an OW Tosin android headunit, it is the manufacturer for joying headunits.
I was super skeptical of these chinese units but it works very well.
To be honest the rca output voltage is weak but its saving grace is the optical out. Wireless carplay as well!
The apple music app with lossless sounds best to me!
the 6gb ram and 128gb memory is snappy and fast!
If you want to use APT-X i reccomend to get the snap dragon version instead of TS10.
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it is difficult to retain the factory ac control screen (top blue screen )along with temp sensor fuel range etc buts heres how to do it.
I was looking at the board upside down when i did it the first time so I labeled the correct pins
I'll update the pictures when i figure steering wheel controls for headunit WITH top screen retention as it sucks to not know what temp your ac is set to!
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Be sure to use flux when soldering and dont add too much to your tip of the iron or youll need a soldergun or wick to get you out of your fun situation!

Feel free to ask any questions!
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