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Hello Everyone,

Its good to be back here,up for sale is Panasonic CQ-TX5500-W Tube HU.It is one of the top 5 SQ Hu's ever being produced,uses a Vaccum Tube in the pre-amp section to give a very warm yet detailed sonic signature.

Being a SQ Headunit it has the distinction of playing MP3's as well of CD.It was used for around 2 years in my car but has been lying unused for a long while now,was thinking of keeping it as a collectors item but then thought of letting someone else use it to its best and be proud of a rare item.

Only 500 units were made and this one is the "W" version i.e the worldwide version which plays all the radio frequencies and not the "D" which is a Japanese Domestic product.

Was bought from a Panasonic Dealer in Singapore is in perfect condition without any scratches and marks.

They normally sell around 800 on ebay so its a steal at this price.

Price-550 +shipping.
It will be Shipped out From Austin.

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