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passive components in the sub 200 shipped range

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Im looking for a set of passive components for around 200 shipped. 6.5 inch. suggestions? Im thinking I might stretch my budget a little and get a set of 720prs's but I want to see what you guys come up with. Another option would be a set of PG RSDs and deaden/seal up the doors with the extra leftover money. Will cheap comps in a better install sound better than good ones in a plain install?
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Alpine SPX-17ref, Image Dynamics CTX65CS
if you are on that kind of budget, go DIY.
Im simplifying
Saw those. efficiency is a little low at 87db for my noisy cummins but I have PLENTY of power to throw at them. im worried about damaging them
What about these guys? ive heard nothing but good about morel|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318|301:0|293:1|294:50
didnt realize they were in israel
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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