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I have some stuff lying around gathering dust from previous installs. I'm content with them gathering dust, but I figured I'd put them out there if someone wants them.

One pair Kicker Resolution high-pass filters for their R25 1" silk Domes...I believe they are 12 dB/octave at 3.5kHz. They were never used since I was using a 2-way Diamond Audio x-over. $20 for the pair + actual shipping

One pair Kicker MB-100 midbass passive crossovers...100-350Hz. Don't know the slope off-hand, but they're pretty substantial. I used them for a while until I started running low-pass active in my doors. They were covered in electrical tape by an installer at one point (they never had housings) they're a little sticky and the foam backing on the board is a little chewed up. $30 for the pair + actual shipping

3x Aurasound NS3-193-4A1 3" full-range drivers (4 Ohm), black versions. 2 of them are sun-faded so they're more gray. I'll be sad to see these guys go, but they're so deep that they'll never fit in my dash (the way I want them to). $35 for all 3 + actual shipping

Cadence Ultrashock A5+HC 600 Watt mono amp (digital switching) ( It's in good shape but I'm sure has some scratches on it... $100 + actual shipping

Alpine MRV-F400 4x40 @12V, 4 Ohm...4x60 @14.4V 4 Ohm...bridgeable...blahg blah blah. Works great...dinged up. $100 + actual shipping

I don't have pics at the moment, but can take some. Really, I'm not looking to put in a lot of effort here, but don't expect top dollar, either. Just enough to make it worth the effort to box 'em up and ship them. I didn't do a lot of research to arrive at these prices, so go ahead and insult me.

If someone wants it all, I'll do it for $250 + actual shipping.

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