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I'm putting together a budget SQ setup. I'm from Canada and I'll be buying from Solen.

I'm currently looking for 6.5" mids and tweeters with an overall diameter smaller than 2" (A-pillar).

Two setups I'm considering are:

1) Peerless Definition 6.5" component kit @ 150 USD

Specs from Solen:
Official spec sheet:

2) Vifa P17WG-09-04 6.5" woofer @ 54 USD / pair (on sale)
LPG 25NFA @ 68 USD/pair
Total : 122 USD

Vifa P17WG-09-04 spec sheet:

I assume everyone here is familiar with the 25FNA ;) but here's the spec sheet anyway:


An Alpine 9813 HU would take care of the crossovers in setup #2.

What do you think would be better? If you have any suggestion of something better than can be bought from Solen in this price range, go ahead.

Thanks (a lot) in advance!

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Peerless XLS 12" sub:

"The 12" XLS/subwoofer will fulfil every demand for deep clean bass reproduction in sealed cabinets from 22 liters. "

"Measuring methods and conditions are stated in Peerless Standard for Acoustic Measurements (PSAM)" [Which I can't seem to find]

Would that be similar to the sub's actual response in a sealed box in the back of the car? Flat up to 500 Hz surprises me.

If that's right, then would it make sense to use a smaller woofer (Vifa P15 instead of P17) to bring it "closer" to the tweeters? The woofer will be mounted way off-axis in the doors; at 60 degrees, the P17's response drops sharply past 2 kHz...

Would it make any sense to let the sub handle frequencies up to, say, 200 Hz? Would it be noticeable that the bass is coming from the rear of the car?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Not really a fan of either of those sets, but if I had to choose I'd go with the Vifa+lpg. I'm not sure if depth is an issue, but a Seas RNX mid would be a better match to the lpg, or one of the Dayton reference drivers.

As for the Peerless, that is an anechoic response so no it would not look anything like that in your car. I don't think it's a big deal to have a 5" that's "closer" to your tweeter.

You're probably better off crossing your sub to mid/bass ~80-100hz. 200hz isn't usually achievable in most cars.
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