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Nominal spl @ 2.8vrms 1m = 85db. All measurements are taken unbaffled in free-air which explains the roughness in the response. The drop below 1khz is also due to the unbaffled loading. The yellow curve is good up until 1khz, for those interested in the low end performance. Note the 2 peaks at 5khz and 9khz, which are consistent in all the measurements. Excellent off-axis performance all the way out to 8khz.

Very clean decay.

Some serious energy storage issues at these frequencies.

Very clean waterfall. I suspect the ridge at 200hz and 500hz is the room.

All distortion measurements taken at 96dbspl at 1m. A fairly loud, real world listening level.

Poor performance at 100hz. Extremely high 3rd order and 2nd order distortion.

Better, but still somewhat high. For a less discerning ear/environment this would be a suitable highpass point.

Here would be a good point for a highpass ~1% distortion.

Excellent results at all the following frequencies < 1% distortion.

Overall, an excellent driver when used from 300hz and up. All the higher order distortion (nasty) products are very low in level, even at a full 96db. I'm very impressed.

Very nice BL curve. Almost perfect symmetry and flat, with smooth rolloffs on both sides. No wonder this driver had such low distortion. LE curve is also spectacular, probably due to the dual faraday rings in the motor. Kms looks good as well, with a slight forward bias.

This is a well built driver. 1 way xmax = 6mm.

Again, excellent quality control. T/S parameters are nearly spot on with manufacturer's specs.


1. Very low distortion
2. Excellent linearity and well built all around


1. Rough upper end response both on and off-axis
2. Somewhat poor transient response
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