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I can see why Peerless has such a highly regarded name in subwoofers. This driver is just gorgeous to look at. The biggest difference that I can see from the previous XLS version is the large bumped backplate. Other than that, the usual features such as venting under the spider and dustcap, dual aluminum rings in the motor, and an open cast basket. This driver also comes in several versions, suitable for sealed box, ported, or passive radiator applications.

I recommend a quick look at the XXLS application note if you're interested in the design of this driver. You can see alot of attention to detail here in the design, which is probably why the driver measures and sounds so great.

Excellent quality control. This is where I believe Peerless truly shines. Specs are nearly all spot on.

No inductive hump below 200hz. Nice :) Measurements taken at 2.83Vrms unbaffled, in free-air nearfield.

Wow. This is about as good as it gets. Nearly perfect symmetry and centering for both BL and KMS curves. However, BL is not "quite" as flat as the Dayton reference throughout it's linear range. Very low inductance variation, around -15% max throughout it's usable range.

Xmax ~13mm 1 way.

Inevitably, people will ask which is better... the Dayton reference HF or the Peerless XXLS. Toss a coin really. I might choose the Peerless if price were not an issue, and I needed to be able to choose between several models with different t/s parameters. Also, Peerless quality control is just excellent. If you don't have the ability to measure t/s parameters for yourself, this may be a better choice. However, the Dayton is a real buy at current pricing and may give you slightly better although inaudible performance.
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