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I have purchased two Phoenix Gold Cyclones and they are shipping from Europe to the USA. I have never seen Cyclones before and I have always wanted some.

I have read over 5 articles and 20 different web pages but, I have five questions that have not been clear.

1.) Are they 4 ohm or 8 ohm? Some articles say 4 and some say 8 ohm.

2.) How much power can they handle? Some things say 150w and 300w.

3.) Can you run them with a Class D amp?

4.) Any idea of what type of DBs are they in an average sedan? I am not going into a SPL competition but, wondering how they will blend in with my other speakers.

5.) Can you run them in IB? All the literature says sealed boxes but, Tom Delany says they were build for IB.

My amps are two Arc Audio XDi 1200.6 and I have two old school Coustic DR-326 Basspumps that I would like to put on the rear deck for midbass. I might have to replace the woofers themselves in the basspumps but, I haven't decided what to replace them with.

I will be running a three-way with a 6.75" in the doors (woofers active and mids & highs passive). And whatever the largest speaker (coax) that I can put in the dash for the center channel and rear doors. Most likely AudioFrog components but, I have not purchased them yet.

And a JBL MS-8

I would love any suggestions and don't hold any punches!
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