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Hello again. Found some more stuff I need to part with.
Only accepting PayPal - ONLY trade I am looking for a high capacity iPod – 80gb or more. If you feel my prices are too high, EMAIL me. However if you are going to just lowball me, please don’t bother. First person to pay me gets the stuff. No dibs. My PayPal account is [email protected]
First up is a whole mess of parts – I figure I have well over $200 in this stuff – SOLD. *NOTE: the 16.4ft cable has one broken RCA about 3 inches from the end. You can either use it as a single or add an end yourself.

PG Elites – 6s, tweets and crossover - $OLD - *NOTE: there is black sealing caulk on the backs of the mids. I have been using this product for some time now to help seal the mids to the panel. – see here: Parts Express:36" Speaker Sealing Caulk
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