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Product Brand & Model: 1-Phoenix Gold EQX215iX - SOLD
2-Image Dynamics IDMAX 12V.2
3-Alpine PDX-5 - SOLD

Condition of all items: 1 - Great,works 100%, a couple of the EQ position markers are partially broken off but you can still move them to the desired position, a nick in the paint shown in the pics
2 - Works fine, a little voicecoil rub as with most V.2 IDMAX's I have heard, not audible once playing at normal listening levels especially in a trunk, a little dusty from being in my garage
3 - Power's on but no sound, gain/crossover cover missing (was like that when I bought it), 7 out of 10 as far as physical condition goes, comes with all five speaker connector's. Standard quote for fixing this amp from Alpine is $70 including shipping back to you. I have no use for it even if it worked, that is why I am selling it.

Total Price: : 1 - SOLD
2 - $180 shipped
3 - SOLD

Shipping Terms: : None of the items have the original boxes, the PG EQX will come with a printed manual, the IDMAX will come with a spec sheet, I can also email it as well if you would like to model the enclosure sizes., the PDX will ship with all speaker connectors as pictured.

Pictures: -

Additional info:

PAYPAL preferred, PM me for any additional info and purchase information.



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