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hi this phoenix gold amp produces 4x75w.

i'm on a bit of a budget so i'll be ordering the LPGs from NPDang shortly but want to use some generic kevlar cone 50wrms 6-1/2" woofers until i can afford the CA18s (they're also very large woofers, and im not sure if they'll fit in my doors yet.

ok. so the amp is 4x75wrms and can high pass up to 6k, but the woofers are 4 ohm and the LPG tweeter is 8 ohm, this seems wrong however i'm not quite sure.

1. a lot of people here use a very low power amp for their tweeters eg 2x20w and give their woofers a lot more, im assuming this is because the tweeters are more sensitive.

2. therefore if i give the 8 ohm tweeters 75 watts each and the 4 ohm woofers 75 watts each too will they still sound ok until i can afford the CA18s ?
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