Please note that I have this for sale for $1199 on eBay under the same user name. The reason it is listed for more there is due to their fees and so that you can see my feedback for selling since this account is new. It doesn't matter to me if the sale is through eBay in order to help protect you guys, it's just at a higher cost. I am happy to sell it locally in Little Rock, AR and if a member of the community wanted to view it in person I am happy to show it.

Up for sale is one of my beloved Phoenix Gold Cyclone rotary subwoofers. Not only are they exceedingly rare and interesting technology but they are amazing SQ subs. They have infinitely flat BL 'curves' due to their motor structure and have an Fs down to 10hz. The Cyclone SPINS back and forth rather than moving a cone in and out. The MSRP on these in 1994 was about $1200.

I have this listed as 'New-ish' but I wanted to expand on that a bit further because that isn't totally accurate. The subwoofer was built in 1994 so it is nearing its 30th birthday. I purchased it as NIB from a seller many years ago to compliment my other Cyclone that I use regularly. It will be shipped in its original packaging/original box DOUBLE BOXED inside another larger box. It has been taken out of the box many times to show people that are interested in seeing it more clearly after hearing my other one. All this handling over the years has had it acquire various minor scuffs etc that are evident in the picture. They will almost for sure buff out with the proper polish and some elbow grease. There is no dry rot or anything like that as it was stored in an air-conditioned area this whole time. The internals have been inspected and cleaned.

In preparation for its sale I placed it into an enclosure and hooked it up to power to make sure everything was good to go after nearly 30 years. It sounded wonderful. Total play time on it is around 10 minutes. For reference my other Cyclone has roughly the same heard/felt output as my Eminence NSW6021-6 21" subwoofer at 300RMS power being fed to it (of course the Eminence can handle much more power however at the same power input they are roughly the same apparent loudness) and sounds at least as good. The claim that a single Cyclone has the same output as (3) 12" subs, can be confirmed as TRUE. My other Cyclone was used for home theater rather than car duty and has served me well for many years. I would bet that the less harsh environment of a home rather than a car is a good thing for the Cyclone.

Please note that these rare subwoofers are relatively FRAGILE as they are made of mostly plastic and the magnet structure and wiring is a known weak point. I can guarantee that it works at the time of shipping but there is no warranty, expressed or implied once it is handed off to UPS. This should be purchased as a unique functional piece of audio art/history. While I have used my other one for many happy years I just want to make sure you know what you are getting into. These do not come up for sale often and there are no replacement parts to my knowledge although several people have refurbished them over the years (see links below).

I included a couple links that talk more about this CRAZY subwoofer as well as another user's dissection pictures so you can understand more how they work.

Dissection: Servicing a Cyclone - Phoenix Gold Phorum