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Phoenix gold ti21000.4 help please.

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How's it going fellow diyma members. I'm running a Phoenix gold ti2100.4. It was playing fine and then just shut off. When I turn power off and try to turn it back on the blue LEDs flash and then a red led comes. Any clues on what it could be? How to fix it? Did it blow? Thanks in advance. I'm kind of a noob at this lol.
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Power without sound and the PROTECT LED is lit: The red PROTECT LED
lights when the amplifier shuts down for either thermal or over-current
protection. A high internal amplifier operating temperature will trigger
thermal shutdown: after it cools about 5°C, the amplifier will restart. A
shorted speaker lead or operation into unusually low impedance loads will
trigger over-current shutdown: cycle power at the amplifier R terminal to
restore operation. Check for shorted speaker wiring or damaged speakers or
crossover systems if over-current shutdown occurs.
No sound from one or more channels: Check for overvoltage on +12V and
ground terminals. Check the balance control in the head unit. Check speaker
connections. Check signal input connection.

Its critical that Elite amplifiers have the proper power and ground wiring
from the vehicle’s electrical system. Too small of power wire or improper
terminations can cause voltage drops and the amplifier to engage its

Hope you purchased it from an authorized dealer, you might have to send it back if the amp is faulty (stuck on protect after removing all speaker wires and RCAs).
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