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Phoenix gold ti21000.4 help please.

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How's it going fellow diyma members. I'm running a Phoenix gold ti2100.4. It was playing fine and then just shut off. When I turn power off and try to turn it back on the blue LEDs flash and then a red led comes. Any clues on what it could be? How to fix it? Did it blow? Thanks in advance. I'm kind of a noob at this lol.
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Thanks for the input fellas. I tried leaving it disconnected for 30 min and hooked some power to it without any speakers connected and the led just keeps coming on. The red led light that comes on says "led 902" right above it. I also noticed the front clip light flashes when I hook power to it. I posted a video of what it does All input is appreciated. Thanks again.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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