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So I have this weird issue where my phone will pause whatever media I am playing at high volumes. Whether it be Spotify or Youtube. If i crank the volume on the dsp remote, it pauses the media but only sometimes. I've tested this extensively and its only a high volume issue. I always have the phone volume at max and then control output via the dsp remote.

I've swapped every wire in the audio signal and even tried hot glueing all connection points as to make sure it wasn't a loose connection. I had this issue BOTH on my Moto G Play, and my Lg Stylo 6. Strangely, my friends phone has never had this issue in my car and we can listen to loud music on hers with zero issues.

Set up is Phone> USB OTG > ****ty Audio Modi > Rca> Minidsp 8x12DL

If i unplug the RCAS out of the MODI DAC so its not outputting anything and turn the volume up to max on my phone. It wont pause at all. Not sure what all that means.

My only other off the wall idea of what it could be is the input level setting switches on the Minidsp. They accept either a maximum input level of 2v or 4 volts. Im fairly certain its at 4 volts, but maybe switching it to the other option might be a solution? Maybe the Modi is sending the RCA's too high a voltage to the Mini and its doing something that stops the signal, thus making the phone pause?? Idk, im reaching for straws here. Not really sure whats going on.

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