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Evening all. I've started the install on my '09 Mazdaspeed 3, (will start the build log later tonight with pics.) Here's my equipment list:

Factory head unit
Rockford 3sixty.2
Rockford T8004
PPI 4200am (old school rules!)
Seas Textile dome tweets
ID OEM mids
Diyma 12 (I have two, may just run one.)

I'll be running the front two channels of the T8004 to the tweets. The 4200am will be bridged running 200 at 4 ohms to each ID. The back two of the 8004 will be bridged to the sub/subs.)

What I'm trying to decide is if I want to put the tweets in the a-pillars versus the sail panels. I'll be running the mids in the factory locations, heavily dampened and sealed doors.

Has anyone ran pillar tweeters in a 3? I've seen builds with sail panel tweets in this car, but I'd love to get them a little higher, which the pillars would allow.

Thanks in advance for the input.

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