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Up for grabs is my AVH-P4000DVD. I used it gently for exactly one month, it still looks brand new. I primarily use my steering wheel controls, there's not even a single fingerprint on the screen. Everything originally included is still there and included, plus a couple extras I'll mention below. If it weren't for the wiring harness being a little shorter than new and having some tape and spade connectors on it, this unit would be indistinguishable from a brand new one.

It works PERFECTLY, and the iPod and USB interfaces are extremely user friendly.
I just decided to go a different route since I realized I never watch movies in the car, heck I barely watch movies at home.

iPod cable, Pioneer CD-i200. Direct connection for the iPod, controls from touch screen or remote control.
Basic Pioneer remote control, CDC-8885. It does volume, track, folder, source, etc but doesn't do direct chapter jump and all that stuff that the fancy Pioneer remote does.
I'm also including a bosch relay that's wired into the harness to allow video while the vehicle is in motion.

Specs are here:
Pioneer USA - DVD Receivers

More info:
Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD DVD receiver at

I'd like $300 shipped via USPS Priority Mail with insurance. It'll be double boxed and well packaged. PayPal would be great, I'll eat their fee on this one.

thanks DIYMA!!!
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