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I finally got this HU installed in my 2009 VW Jetta Sportwagen, and ran into some issues.

First off, since this is a JDM deck, I had to buy a band expander so that FM reception would work in the US (Japan uses a different freq. band).

I bought one from Domino Electronics in NZ, the "Standard tube unit", thinking that I'd plug the antenna lead from the car into the band expander, then plug the band expander into the Pioneer.

I thought I was good to go, but after pulling the stock HU from the Jetta, I was greeted by an antenna plug type that's specific to EU vehicles, meaning that the band expander I'd bought couldn't interface with it.

So after some more research, I bought an amplified antenna adapter from Enfig Car Stereo, the AAA-VWAUD3

I assumed that I could:

1) Connect the female, VW specific plug of the Enfig adapter to the VW antenna lead (while wiring the integrated blue power wire from the adapter to the HU antenna turn-on lead, as instructed)

2) then connect the male end of the Enfig adapter plug into the female end of the Domnio band expander (while wiring it's integrated 12V wire to the HU Remote turn-on).

Well, it didn't seem to work, as all I'm getting is static when I search the FM bands. Any ideas?
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