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I picked up a used DEH-P8400BH and bought the Terk XMD1000 and the XMDPIO100 adapter. This Pioneer has an IP-Bus connection, instead of the new standard satellite radio connection.

It's quite simple to hook up the XMD1000 to the XMDPIO100. However, I figured once it was connected the XM band would show up under "tuner" and then I hit band until XM1 XM2 and XM3 bands showed up. However it won't tune to anything XM.

I ended up activating "AUX2" and then when I select Aux2, I get XM channel 0. However, on the screen, it just shows AUX2, some animations, but no buttons do anything. I cannot change the channel, get channel info, nothing. But Aux2 is definitely channel 0. I browsed the manual for the Pioneer but didn't really find any info.

I used to have an old Alpine with the Alpine tuner and it worked great and was easy. Am I missing something? Also, I'm thinking maybe it has something to do with it not being activated, as I forgot to switch over my radios. But I went online and switched the radio ID to the new Terk unit. Unless the signal didn't go through yet, same thing. But I would think that it would still be able to have functions to see the channel name, change channels, etc.

Amazon has reviews of the XMDPIO100 and coincidentally a guy says it works great with his DEH-P8400BH, so I would think it would be compatible.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Upon googling I think the XMDPIO100 is very old. There is a newer XMDPIO110, but even that is discontinued. I think the Amazon review the guy said works with his was for the XMDPIO110. Therefore, I believe the XMDPIO100 is not compatible with the DEH-P8400BH but maybe the XMDPIO110 is. Anyone care to chime in before I order the XMDPIO110?
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