I have available the following equipment. Don’t want to sell any of it but had a sudden expense that needs to be covered.

Pioneer p99rs unit in excellent condition. One of the last units made in July 2017. $890 shipped u pay pp fees

Sifoni t25t tweets. used never abused, silver is coming off one tweet grill cosmetic only. $490 u pay pp fees. I do have a set of near new Tempo 10 I’ll let go in place of this set for $650 shipped.

Pair of AD ESA plates removed from a wall application. $280 shipped u pay pp fees

Pioneer ts-z65ch-2 80 anniversary 2-way set with extra tweeter. New condition, woofers were used in my Jeep for short period of time while I waited on my Scanspeak pair. $180 shipped u pay pp fees.

Let me know if you have any questions about the posted items.