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Since I've been bitten with the hobby, I would like to collect your guys collective wisdom so that I'm more efficient with my install.

My ride: '02 Jetta Sedan.

My goals: Mid-level system install. SQ is important, but so is following the K.I.S.S. method.

What I currently have: Kenwood XDC-X695 HU, JLaudio XD400/4, Polk DB6501. Speakers are mounted in factory locations.

Where I want to go: Prefer a One amp set-up, such as a HD900/5, One 10" sub, such as a W6 and a good front stage.

What do you guys recommend regarding:
-Should I keep the mid-bass speakers in the rear doors or move them to the front doors and install kick panels?
-Where is the best place to mount the sub? left rear corner of the truck, wheel-well in the truck or in a box sitting in the trunk?
-tweeter location: keep in the sails? do I need to adjust the aimpoints of these?
-any other tips or recommendations with this car?

Thanks a bunch!
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