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So I've been brainstorming how I want to redo my front stage for a while now, and I'm ready for some input.

I've been wanting to play with a setup using an active 24db Linkwitz Riley crossover. One of the things that I picked up on when researching was that to get the most out of the advantages of the LW setup the speakers should be mounted close together and on the same vertical plane.

My idea is based around building an enclosure that goes where the factory speaker grills are to house both the tweeter and the woofer. Ideally I would have the two drivers in the same plane as I mentioned above, as in the tweeter recessed so that it sits back where the driver for the woofer is.

I've also been reading a lot on using diffusion and perhaps a wave guide (don't know much about the wave guide part yet) starting with this thread.$2.html

I know with installing in a door location I can't do the full tear drop shape for the diffusion, but with moving the woofer up 3-4 inches and taking the diffusion shape about an inch or so into the door panel I think I could still get a lot of benefit.

So if all of this sounds feasible (and recommendable) by building with fiberglass then I am pretty much left with the on axis vs off axis debate. My first instinct is to say aim everything directly at my head, but I know it isn't that simple. I am a selfish audio system planner here so the driver is the only listener to be considered. Anyone else that rides in my car isn't an audiophile and won't even know the difference.

A big question then is how hard is it to use an EQ to balance out the difference L-R from a full on axis setup? Will I just be better off going with an off axis design that is centered?

This is a picture of the door panel I'll be using (I have an Intrepid, but a 300M interior).

I am also willing and able to modify the door panel to suite my needs. Interior work doesn't scare me. I plan on mounting the tweeter in the top section of the grill area. This would put it as close to head level as I can while installing next to the woofer.

Oh, and by the way I do know the advice to use velcro and test before actually constructing everything, but that doesn't mean I can't plan ahead and understand the theories involved.

I think that's all for now guys. All input is greatly appreciated, I hope this is technical enough to warrant this section.
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