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Hi Guys. I need some inputs on my plans for my system

Currently, it consists of the following:
HU: Pioneer 5650
Front Stage: Alpine Type-X SPX-177R (Woofers and tweeters are based on the Vifa XT line)
Front Stage Amp: Butler Tube Driver TD1500
Subwoofer: none
Rear Fill: stock

The woofers are at the doors (inner cavities are sealed), and the tweets are on the dash, somewhere near the side airconditioning vents, pointed toward the center of the windshield. It plays relatively flat from 63-16kHz, slight roll-off after 16k (because of the amp), and with acceptable bass output down to 30Hz. Center images are nicely rendered as well.

I recently bought an Adcom GFA-4402 amp (its a class A amp, and stable up to 1/4ohm stereo), so I'm wondering what to do with it...

Option #1:
Use the amp for a dash mount center channel (summed-mono) that uses an Aura NS3 as its driver.

Option #2:
use the amp's high-current capabilities for a sub.

I'm leaning towards using it for a center channel since I really do not need any more bass for the music that I listen to. The class A amp would do wonders for a center channel as well. However, I've been adviced not to add a center because it will do even more harm than good to my system's imaging.

Comments on my two options will be greatly appreciated. thanks. :)
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