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Please help me with a Alpine PXA701

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I can not get my 701 to work as a stand alone, or even power on with out a ai-net connection. As soon as i connect the ai-net it turns on and works mostly. Everything functions correctly except I do not have a input select option in the setup menu. The manual says it should be there but it is not. So no auxiliary. That is a real problem. It was my understanding I could use this unit as a stand alone. Lastly I have a controller for a pxa700. I was told it is supposed to work the same but the buttons would be green instead of blue. Maybe the controller is the problem? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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have you tried put 12v on the remote in wire? you don't need it when you use ainet but do without.
I just put it to a 12v instead of a typical low voltage remote turn on and it works as a standalone now. The aux now works on the head unit too. Only the analog 1 though. I can not get it to switch inputs.
Thank you very much.

I still need to figure out how to get it to cycle through the inputs when connected to a 7897. As soon as I connect the ai-net I lose the input select option on the controller and get the mx mode option in it's place. When I use the hu source button and switch to aux it will play the 701 auxiliary input but only the 1st analog input. I do not know how to change it. So a little more advice would be stupendous.
Tried both ways, just in case. Even tried the 3 way switch. You never know. Like I said the input select option gets replaced by the mx mode. So it's clearly an interfacing issue with this hu. As I am not to familiar with Alpine products i don't know if other mx option hu's do this also with the 701. I will try anything once :), so any further suggestions will be appreciated.
So your suggesting is I will lose the ability to switch to optical input completely once connected to a ai-net hu? That does not seem reasonable. I am glad you took the time to confirm the loss of controller function though. It does not seem hard to switch inputs when in aux mode. Obviously it is!
basshead has been extremely helpful, hoping someone else with Alpine exp can chime in.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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