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Polk SR tweets (small format XT25's)

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One pair of XT25 small format tweets from the Polk SR6500 set. These are the best small format tweets I have heard, but I have two pair and only need one. They are chambered and seem to play MUCH lower than the XT19's, but I believe distortion may become a problem below 2kHz as noted in Zaph's testing. Mounting cups, grilles, and brackets are included as shown in the photo. If you haven't seen the CA&E review, Pat Turnmire calls the SR6500 the best components he ever tested, for whatever that's worth. If you look at paragraphs 8-10 of the review he talks specifically about the tweeters.

I'm not sure what these are worth, so let's say $100 shipped.
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pm sent
Replied. Sold pending payment.
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