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Ported box design question

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I purchase two DIYMA 12"'s from npdang, and i had an idea as to how i wanted to mount them in the car, but i wanted to run it by you guys first. I would like to build two 1 cf ported individual boxes for these subs. The cones of the subs would be pushed through the rear deck firing up directly into the rear windshield of the car to allow the sub waves to push off something (my rear deck has 8"cutouts for factory subs that would be removed and widened). the port of the boxes would also be coming up through the rear deck for extended pressurization. I have included a rough sketch as to what i would like to do utilizing paint on its very crude, but hopefully it gives you an idea. I guess my question is, would a port like i have drawn work? i realize the DIYMA sub needs an extensive port length, i believe 29", can that be broken up, or does it need to be a straight shot? also, is my design kosher? the port would actually be supporting the box on either side of the trunk like legs of a table.

my trunk dimensions are as follows

WIDTH-about 42-43
Depth-about 39-40
Height-18 inch to surface with onstar box
height at rear seat- 13.75 to the boxed in support above pass thru
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since your ports are going to be pointing right into the car, you might want to flare them and round corners to avoid port noise.

Are you sealing the trunk off from the car 100%?

I would almost say to do it sealed first and see if you like it.

Ports don't need to be straight, nor do they need to be internal to the box.
I wasnt planning on sealing the trunk off, I really dont know how to accomplish that actually. plus i wanted to show off the magnets to the diyma's, so if sealing it off is something i have to do, I guess i could do it with a thick piece of plexiglass.

As for utilizing a sealed box, I plan on pushing about 600 watts to each sub, and I listen to all rap music, and npdang recommended the ported sub to extended the response from the sub to give me more output.

if you could point me in the direction of some instructions to seal the box, that would be cool. thanks for your advice.
It might not actually be necessary. Maybe someone else can chime in.

What i'm suggesting would be the box is still visible from the trunk, but you seal the cabin off from the trunk (with the box being in the trunk part)

I don't think its an issue with ported sub enclosure tho - so ignore that part for now.
got it. everyone is welcome to help out designing this for me. im open to anything
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