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I am in need of a ported box for 2 jl 12w3v3 subs, and saw this one on ebay.

"Ported Sub Box Enclosure for 2 JL Audio 12W3v3 recessed"

3/4" MDF Construction
Black automotive speaker carpet (Charcoal carpet may be substituted upon request)
Holds 2 round 12" subwoofers ( 11-1/8" cutout)
Exterior Dimensions - 37 x 15 x 15
3.4 cubic feet total, 1.7 cubic feet / chamber
Single Chamber
13" mounting depth
Roughly 45 lbs
- Round spring loaded terminals
- Sealed air tight with liquid nails caulk

The box is built to the Specs recomended by JL Audio for 2 12W3v3 subs in a ported box. The port tubes included are adjustable in length which will allow you to tune the box to your own personal preferance. I will adjust the tubes to 10" which is the recomended length unless you request a different length. Please email or call if you have any questions about this. Also, the port tubes and subs are flush mounted 1/2" into the box, which adds a custom look and helps keep the subs from getting damaged. The Orion subs in the pictures are only for display purposes to give you an idea of what the W3s will look like installed.
We have been building these enclosure for about 3 years, we have put a lot of time, money and effort into perfecting them. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy with your enclosure. Because of Ebay, we can sell them cheaper than you could find them anywhere else at the same quality. So put your car and system above all the others for a fraction of the cost.

Suppposed to be built to jl specs, but it has 2 ports?

It is made by "concept enclosures", and has 2 adjustable port tubes.
price $154.99 + shipping

Does anyone know if they are good quality boxes.

See link below

Ported Sub Box Enclosure for 2 JL Audio 12W3v3 recessed | eBay

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Not sure what the quality of that enclosure is, but have you considered building your own? It's cheaper...
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