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These are the amps that I am going to be using. Just waiting on the Postman. Finally got it all figured out, now I just need to buy speakers, subs, and a headunit :O

PPI 2075AM

Still undecided on the tweeters as of now, but was considering the Hiquphon OW2's.

The mid amp an Esoteric E7054 aka Diamond D7054. Bridged to 200 watts rms x 2 @ 4 ohms.

This amp will power Seas G18RNX Mids.

The Sub amp is a 10th anniversary Limited Edition MS2250 TA.
Stable to 4 ohms bridged OR 2 ohm stereo

Into 4 ohms @ 12.5/14.4 VDC 250/340 WRMS x 2

Into 2 ohms @ 14.4 VDC 520 WRMS x 2

Bridged into 4 ohms @ 14.4 VDC 1050 WRMS x 1

Bridged to a 4 ohm load powering 2 TC Sounds TC2+ 12" Subs.

Here's a closeup of the board. This is a picture of an MS1000. But it is basically two ms2250's, you get the idea.

What do you guys think?

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rutger j said:
did You get that photo from PG´s forum?

I seriously believe that´s my amp on the picture :)
All I´m looking for now ist to replace my current sub amp with a MS2250...maybe :)

Best Wishes
lol, yeah, that was the best pic I could find. Sorry for using it without permission ;)
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