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PPI Art 600 $40

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PPI 600a

Hurry! Im debating to buy it and E Bay it!
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BUY IT!!!!
looks like it needs help...

"The amp recently is showing a low inpedence level light and bass kinda fads away when u turn up the stereo"

never the less it does look pretty good and is a steal indeed.


To the OP? l o l:laugh:
Ya he wants/needs a middle man. Trouble is Im broke right now and cant help... If its still around Friday I can get it then. But Fridays a busy day- I got an install to do for a customer...

Argh :(
I would think it would be worth $40 even with problems. They seem to be plentiful right now but, not at that price.
Its back on CL. Now hes asking $60 for it and saying the plugs are worth $40...

I had a couple emails with him.

Obviously this amps gained $20 value simply because its been posted here... lolz

I offered him $20 for it and was scoffed at. I figured the $20 profit would pay for my gas (round trip to get amp would take 1- 1 1/2 hours total) and packaging/shipping time.

Oh well.

He wont sell it locally. Nobody around here will pay $60 or even $40 for an old amp that doesnt even work. Hell he would be doing good to get $150 out of it if it did work (locally).

CL is a gimmick. Unless its something good and practically free nobody buys it.
is it white or black? hell ill buy it either way 40 for him 20 for u? sounds good to me
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