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PPI Art Series Gear

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Well I'M getting in over my head on this project (eg civic with a J series) and some stuff that will be collecting dust needs to go.

First off in white and mint shape

DEQ 230 and shroud. Each has there own box. However the DEQ is missing it's side panels which is ok if your using the shroud cause the side panels have to removed anyways(and lost in the mail f'me). 9.5/10 shape. However pictures will be up tomorrow and you can decide

besides I'm going back with an alpine H900


PPI ProArt50

A bit of a black sheep. Well she is black with circuit board diagram, but the belly is white. Also says A600.2 on the cover. However it is the ProArt 50 board. Picture proof up tomorrow

This was the cheater amp version of the A600.2

On paper rating was 50wrms x 2 at 4 ohms. However she went down to 1 ohm stereo or 2 ohms mono and has 60a of fusing. btw the regular version was 150x2 at 4 ohms 300x2 at 2 ohms and 600 x 1 at 4 ohms only.

Asking $265 SHIPPED.

ACM 420 Noise Gate in black
Was BINB and I broke seal on the box. Sorry I had to drool.
9.99/10 shape
$125 Shipped

PPI A1200.2 SHELL ONLY no backplate
9/10 shape.
NO AMP just the shell.
Prefect to rebuild an old A1200.2 to make it look fresh again.

All prices are firm. sorry I don`t want to see my collection go for peanuts and I have no issues of leaving my project in an unfinished state.

I,m in Kingston, ON, Canada

pm is the key and pictures will be up tomorrow
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want to see the pic of the pro-art:D
I will get some up tomorrow. I got too busy today. However it's just a black A600.2 case with a Proart 50 board.
so much for pictures. I finally got around to take some pictures of my stuff. However new lappy doesn't have cd reader for my sony memory card. WTF!! Pics will up tomorrow after I buy a usb card reader.
Also for the ProArt if you don't need/want the white plugs the price is $240US shipped.

and for the ppi nuts

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Bump for you because I haven't been on this site in months, and I drove a J32 EG for a few days last week. What a monster...
drool on that ppi case. (wow didnt think i could post here)

How much would you charge to trade a white a600 cover for that black one?
The a600 and a600.2 are different sizes. Besides no trades unless you have the following

Hasport eg v6 mounts
03 tl type s ecu and wire harness
J32a2 engine with 100,000km or less
03 honda accord 6mt with shifter
Headers for the j32a2
Cat back exhaust for the eg hatch (brand name only)
j32 in a civic hatch huh?

I wish that A1200 was the amp...I want one bad...
j32 in a civic hatch huh?

I wish that A1200 was the amp...I want one bad...
sorry not to seem rude but is that price on the deq230 for 666?


At the time I really didn't want to let it go. Still debating, however toss me an offer and see. The items are fairly mint. Deq is missing the panels, but I might have a replacement coming soon.

Also hopefully in a weeks time hopefully I'll have another shroud up for sale and a yellow deq for cheap.
I'll entertain offers. Pics of the deq/shroud on request. 99% mint btw
Still have the ProArt? If so, PM me and let me know!
totally forgot about this thread...

new prices $460US for deq 230/shroud
ProArt 50 $250US
ACM $100US

prices are all shipped btw.... PM ME PLEASE
I don't remember the ACM. Correct me if I'm wrong. It's a 1/2 DIN source device switcher? Like if I was going do a system w/ lets say an Alpine 7909 and a Alpine 7618 and wanted to switch between the CD player and the Cassette player? Can you take a closer/clearer pic of the face? I don't remember but would this piece not be necessary if I was getting a PAR-245 too, or was it the PAR-225 that did source switching? Thanks for the info. If I "Need" it, I may pick it up from you, but not sure yet.
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