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PPI BK340.4 and PC3.65C Review

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Long time reader, first time poster.
First of all, allow me to thank everyone for providing an outstanding forum for learning and research.

I bought my latest project, a 2013 Scion FR-S, and as usual, the factory audio was sorely lacking. I was impressed with the factory use of 3 way components however, and chose to remain 3 way with aftermarket components. I had my heart set on the new Focal Flax components, but couldn't justify the $1000 price tag. After much research, I decided to go with the PPI Power Class PC3.65C 3-way components, linked here PC3.65C - Power Class Components - Speakers - Products

The factory system has a small amplifier (20-30 watts each is my guess) for the 6.5s in the door, so I am going to continue using that until I can save up for a solid 6 channel amp. I do plan on going 3 way active eventually.
I did buy the PPI BK340.4 ( BK340.4 - Black Ice - Amplifiers - Products ) which states 55w x 4 RMS @ 4 ohms to power the mids and tweets, as it has bandpass crossovers. That should hold me over until I get a deck such as the Pioneer DEH-80PRS or even the DEX-P99RS. Finding an amp with bandpass xovers was a feat itself, and for the price point, I couldn't turn down the PPI.

All that being said, my gear should ship tomorrow and I will post my review when it's all installed. I also plan to bench the amp as well and see if the power claim is accurate.

My review will include the following:
Mounting/Install ease
Heat dissipation
Background noise/hiss/pops etc
Overall SQ vs stock (to my ears of course, wish I had an analyser)
Performance vs price
Drawbacks/limitations if any

My most current comparision is an RF Prime 50w x 4 RMS to Alpine Type-R 2 way components. Definitely not apples to apples, but the price is about the same.

If anyone has any input or suggestions I will happily take them into consideration.

Thanks again,

TL;DR - Review coming soon!
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Nice! I look forward to reading your thoughts and review :)
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