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PPI DCX730, AC Matrix, Navone Line Driver, etc. for Sale

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The following items are up for sale:

1. PPI DCX730 processor in excellent condition. Please note, however, that on occasion a line in the middle of the digital display becomes visible, but the display is still readable, and this has not had any adverse effects on the sonic performance of the piece. $225 shipped.

2. Audio Control Matrix 6-channel crossover in excellent condition. Just some minor wear on some edges and in the mounting hole areas. $100 shipped.

3. Navone N-645 competition quality line driver in mint condition. $85 shipped.

4. Capacitors -1 Scosche EFX and 1 Lightning Strike (1 Farad Each), in excellent condition; used for approx. 6 months - $75 shipped for both.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts