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PPI DSP88R issues

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So far I am partially happy with it. I honestly wish I would have bought something else but it's too late now. So far, it took hours to get the drivers to work from the website. They had to be changed several different ways on both laptops to work properly. Now after you set the crossovers the way you want on the computer you save them, then upload them to the DSP. However, After you upload them they automatically erase on the computer back to the Factory 300-700hz setting for everything but the sub. So you can't look back at how it was to make minor adjustments. Also, when you connect to the DSP and chose Read from device, In my mind that would mean it would show me the current Crossovers for whatever section you chose, like File 001. Not the case.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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