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Very nice review! It is literally amazing what has been accomplished in creating these sub-compact, class D amplifiers. I'm dating myself here but, I easily remember the days when 640 (670) watts would have cost $800-$1000 and you'd be trying to find room for those inefficient, surfboard amps somewhere in the trunk/hatch. Then, you had to upgrade your alternator because they drew so much current.

I read somewhere about 70db of S/N ratio for this amp. That number may or may not be accurate, hopefully others can jump in with definitive numbers. The OP and a another poster say it's dead quiet. If that is an accurate number then we can let go of any idea that amps measured at rather average S/N numbers have a high noise floor.

Most of the "cons" mentioned by the OP are most likely due to the size restrictions of such a small chassis. Lack of a subsonic filter might be a problem for some if their vented sub has a lower than average power handling rating. the harnesses that double as high and low level inputs are the only major disappointment but, again with an amp this small, you have to give up something.

Sounds like these little PPI Ion amps might be a great budget option for the daily driver who doesn't have the space to devote to a bigger install.
Also, it looks like we've finally reached the point where aftermarket DSP's 'could' be the most expensive component of a nice, stealthy daily enjoyed car audio system.
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