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I have a PPI X3 right now and I've seen the Clarion MCD360 go for a good price lately. I was wondering if I should just keep my PPI X3 or go with the Clarion. Here's some specs :


Freq. Resp.: 1.5Hz-20kHz
S/N Ratio: 102dB
Supply Voltage: 10V-15V
THD: >01%
Maximum Output: >4V rms
Subwoofer: 30Hz-800Hz
X-over slope: 12dB/ octave Butterworth
F/R Highpass: 50Hz - 800Hz (x10)
RSLC: Up to + 12dB

From :

Clarion MCD360

2, 4, or 6-Channel Input
6-Channel Output
18 dB / Octave Crossover Slopes
Independent Front / Rear High-Pass Frequencies
High-Pass Frequency Multiplier
Variable Bass Boost
Switchable Sub Output Phase
Wired Remote Sub Level Control
Terminal Type Power Connectors and Power LED
Front High-Pass Crossover: 32-8,000 Hz
Rear High-Pass Crossover: 32-400 Hz
Sub Low-Pass Crossover: 45-250 Hz
Crossover Slopes: 18 dB / octave
Sub Bass Boost Frequency: 25-100 Hz
Sub Bass Boost Level: 0-18 dB
Signal-To-Noise Ratio (S/N): 100 dB
Frequency Response: 10-50,000 Hz

From :

I'm leaning towards the Clarion due to the 18dB Xover slope.

Any opinions?



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I can't go with the Xover in the Head Unit's because I use an Audiocontrol Four.1 EQ. I don't like head unit EQ's due to not being able to quickly adjust a knob without going through a menu everytime. Every CD I listen to I need to change the EQ (usally just the 125Hz band) so it's a must have for me IMO. I don't know if newer head units have a Tape Monitor loop (like some Home Recievers do) for an external EQ and still be able to use inboard active Xover on the head unit. But basically I'm wondering if I'll get better and cleaner sound from a steeper Xover slope.

Thanks though,

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