Hey folks,

As I've been spending the holidays at my parents' house, I've also been tasked with trying to clear out car parts and electronics that I'm not going to use. As such, I'd like to sell my old PPI PCX-480 amplifier, which is a Class AB amp outputting 80x4 @ 4 ohms.

Cosmetically, it is in excellent/mint condition, which is generally the case for any electronics in my possession.

Unfortunately, there is some functional issue with it; I believe one channel was fading in and out. I haven't used it in many years. It could be as simple as replacing a capacitor, however fixing amps really isn't my cup of tea.

Really, I just want this to go somewhere where it will get some use. For that reason, I'm posting it up for $20 plus shipping. It's been sitting in my childhood bedroom at my parents' house.


PS: for anyone interested in this amp's past life, it started out in my '96 4Runner, powering 6.5" MB Quart Reference components in front and 5.25" MB Quart Discus components in back. I had two matching PCX-2200 amps, which each outputted 800x1 to each 15" Concept CPT-15 sub. Later on, this amp was used in '06 350Z, powering 6.5" MB Quart Premium components in front, and 5.25" Reference components in back. In that install, I had used one of the two PCX-2200s to power a JL Stealthbox, with 2 10w3v3s.