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2 yes 2 Zapco 500.1 FULL RANGE amps. alot of people dont realize these are class a/b amps. 360 @ 4ohms and 500wrms @ 2ohms. $275 each or $500 for the pair. Both are used but I would rate them at 8.5 for the worst one and 9.5/10 on the better one.

Eclipse CD7200MKII basically brand new, I used it for ONE SINGLE CD in my truck and realized the door didnt open enough without modifying my dash kit to make it work. This one comes with the ipod controller box and a warranty! $425 for the works.

Tru Technologies H1 Hammer, near mint $800

Tru Technologies 2.100 near mint $350

Tru Technologies 2.200 near mint $450

Zed Minilith, gouge in heatsink but presentable $150

Sundown Audio SD1v2 10" BNIB $150

Sundown Audio SD1V2 10" (pair) mounted in box but NEVER powered!!! $125 each

Alpine PDX 4.100 near mint $250
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