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Product Brand & Model:
1. Rockford Fosgate t1001bd Mono Amplifier
2. Pioneer Premier DEH-980BT head unit with Ipod hookup.
3. Alpine CDA-117
4. Alpine SPR-17LS 6.5" Component Speakers
5. Focal KRX2 Components
6. Traxxas E-Revo Brushless 1/10. 2x 2c Lipos, bunch of spare parts.

Condition of all items:
1. 7/10. Fully functional. Has some surface scratches and the clip on the bass knob wire is broken. Include original box, packaging, and birth sheet. Local pickup preferred
2. 9/10. Fully functional. Includes all original wiring. With direct light, minor scuffs can be seen on the faceplate. Never caused issues for me in the car though. Does not include original box and packaging.
3. 9/10. Fully functional. Includes all original wiring, accessories, documentation, and box for head unit.
4. 8/10. Fully Functional. Scuffs on top of the crossover case and normal wear and tear on the woofers from being in the door, but no damage at all. All original packaging and accessories included. Much of it was never unwrapped.
5. 6.5/10. Woofer tinsels broke off about 2 years ago and I had a professional repair shop install new much stronger tinsels. Tweeters MIGHT be blown. Full range test tone played through it for a bit and I thought I blew them out, but when testing recently with music that is very revealing of blown tweeters (pianos), I didn't hear any signs of them being blown. Includes original box, packaging, crossovers, and all accessories.
6. 8/10. Fully functional. Has the normal scratches you'd expect from an R/C car. Lipos have about 80% life left. Putting this on here just to see if anyone would be interested at all. Local pickup preferred

Total Price: :
1. $175
2. $125
3. $175
4. $125
5. $450 or trade for pair of ScanSpeak Revelator 18W/4531-G00.
6. $600

Shipping Terms: :
All shipping within the continental US is included in the listed price.

1. Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3
2. Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4
3. Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3
4. Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4
5. Image 1 | Image 2 | I can add more later
6. Adding later.

Additional info:


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What did the rockford birth at?
Looks like I had the birthsheet picture linked incorrectly. I've corrected it as Image3. It birthed at 1421 Watts @1ohm. Here's the picture: BIRTH SHEET

As soccerguru607 said though, I'm out of town starting tomorrow until Sunday, so I most likely wouldn't be able to ship anything out until I get back unfortunately. I also tested the amp yesterday as it has been sitting in my closet the past 5 years and wanted to call out a couple items.

- It isn't the clip on the bass knob wire that is broken, it is the plastic retaining piece on the bass knob itself that is broken. This causes the wire to not clip in similar to ethernet cables. The knob itself is also worn a bit as it was used often in my old car. The bass knob and wire all still work properly.

- The knobs on the amp (gain, low pass) and two knobs on the bass control must've had some dust collect on it while it was sitting in my closet, as there is some slight noise when turning the knobs. The noise on the bass knob ended up going away after a little use, so I assume it just has to be worn off a bit from use. Not a big deal for the gain and low pass as that isn't adjusted often.

Besides that and the cosmetic issues I called out in the original post, the amp works great. Testing it makes me miss it and I almost don't want to sell it! I just unfortunately don't have anywhere I can use it.
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