yes, the legendary Oz Matrix tweeters. i've been told these are the same as the famous superman series tweeters. a year and a half ago, i found and purchased two brand new sets of Oz Matrix 130CS 5.25" components, NOS. i have one set of the mids installed in my kick panels. keeping the other pair of mids as backups. i own 3 pair of the Oz25 tweeters. one pair currently installed in same kick panels (those tweeters came from a set of 180CS), which leaves me with two pair of brand new old stock Oz Matrix tweeters. one pair (pictured) still in original packaging. i plan to sell at least one pair. i don't plan to sell the other pair of tweeters (also NOS), however i could be persuaded if someone makes a rather generous offer. not looking for any trades....

**i have the hardware for both surface and flush/swivel mount.

reminder, this post is for 1 pair.

starting price $150 shipped (CONUS) + paypal fees.