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Here is what I have. What I don't know is what I need.

HU: Pioneer AVH-P4100DVD
Amp 1: Arc KS300.4
Amp 2: Arc KS1000.1
Sub: custom fiberglass enclosure for a single Arc ARC12 V.3
Front Stage: ID CXS62 that I got on this forum

What I Need:
You fill in. The only variable in the stuff above is I will get a different HU if someone is willing to give 415 for the HU I have now and I will trade the IDs. I wanted the CXS64s, but they where not available when I got the CXS62. They are NIB I have not even put power to them yet and I got them NIB I have opened the box to make sure everything was there.

Thanks for the help :)

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I have for sale an Alpine deck that will help with all the tuning needed to run a 3 way active with no additional processor. (an additional EQ would help, not entirely necessary depending on your goals)

The Alpine is the CDA 9853, it has front rear and sub pre outs (2 volts, maybe 4, will have to double check) the rear preamp outs can be used as band passable midbass outs for use on front stage.

It has incremental delays, adjustable with .05 ms increments all the way up to 9MS, adjustable XO slopes, flat, 6DB,12DB, 18DB, 24 DB and adjustable xo points which allow fine tuning of all 3 sets of drivers.
A) Sub outs allow for lowpass from 30HZ to 200HZ (above mentioned adjustable xo slopes)
B) Rear outs allow bandpassable midbass
LP from 30HZ to 200HZ,
Bandpass from 30HZ to 10KHZ
C) front outs allow from 50HZ and up.

When I ran my system as a 3 way (temporarily)

2) JL 12W7s (LP) 63HZ 18DB slope (3000 watts rms 6 CF enclosure sealed.)

4) 100 watt rms Polk Home Audio (Eosone) 6.5's (8 ohm mini subwoofer drivers with incredible low end response and upper octave extension, designed for their 2 way bookshelf speakers) I ran 2 per door, powered by 300 watts rms @ 4 ohms per side.
These were run from 50HZ 24DB slope all the way up to 4000HZ 18DB slope

Mmats Pro Audio large format soft dome tweeters (treated fabric or silk) rated at 100 watts rms with usable extension down to 3.5 KHZ. These were run from 3500HZ 18 DB slope.. I had 160 watts per side to the Mmats tweeters, never any issues except they BEAM on axis, sounded best in the sails pointing across at one another, angled slightly in.

I am asking $125 shipped for the Alpine..

I also have the Mmats tweeters and the Eosone midbass s , 4) 6.5"s or 4) 8"s. They are single 8 ohm VCs and make for excellent drivers combined with the Mmats tweets for a great 2 way front stage on the cheap. Would do the tweets and your choice of 4 Eosones for $100 shipped..

The HU will give you full control including EQ for a setup like this.. The Eosones are Polks flagship speakers, these drivers, designed for their 2 and 3 way home speaker systems work quite well in an I/B application. 4 may be a stretch for most, but a pair of the 6.5's in stock door locations work exceptionally well if used from 63/80HZ all the way up to 5000HZ, they will easily handle 150 watts rms.. I also have the Eosone Ring ribbon tweeters from the same Eosone speaker line.. These are exceptional tweeters, but they are 8 ohm and are quite large (about 3" diameter) if you can mount them, they are yours for $50 a pair shipped, never powered except for testing.

Let me know if any of this interests you.. If you have room for 8"s, I also have Vifa drivers that work well I/B.. Those retail for $125 each, will do the pair for $70 shipped..
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