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A customer that has a 1978 Chevrolet El Camino had some audio work done by another shop. He wasn't happy with it!... As you'll see by th pictures to follow. The equipment he had in the cars was a JVC head unit, a monitor screen, a Sony 4 channel amp, a Memphis mono amp, a VA Audio 3way electronic crossover, 2 sets of Boston Acoustics S60, 2 Pioneer 12" in a Pioneer enclosure.
He wanted me to use as much of the existing equipment as possible and add a additional battery in the back.
Once I got the vehicle to the garage and started looking into it, it be came obvious.
First. The wiring was an absolute mess and I could only find 1 passive Boston Acoustics crossover. There was a remote turn on wire running from the fuse block under the dash back to the one of the amps and then up to that battery. He did tell me that he would have to disconnect the battery at night or it would go dead...... found the problem!! That remote wire was keeping everything on plus God know what in the fuse box it was keeping power to.
After tracing down the one and only passive crossover in the system, it was only connected to the 2 rear tweeters. The 2 tweeters in the front doors were not even hooked up.
At this point I contacted him and told him was all I would need to do including testing all the equipment to make sure is actually worked properly.
After bench testing and fixing the systems equipment I ordered all the necessary items to round out the job. 4 DS18 passive crossovers a Stinger battery isolator and few odds and ends.

By the way,my 3 year old daughter Sophia absolutely loved this vehicle. She called it the "Beast" 馃槃

Automotive parking light Car Wheel Tire Vehicle

1978 El Camino with 20"s on the front and 22"s on the rear.

Tire Motor vehicle Wheel Automotive tire Automotive exterior

Automotive tire Hood Automotive side-view mirror Sky Automotive mirror

Rear ser of Boston Acoustics S60s

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Window Hood

Alligator interior

Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Hood Tire

Electricity Electrical wiring Computer hardware Circuit component Cable

Behind the radio was a mess with a butt connectors and "T" taps

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Road surface Asphalt Bumper

Speaker wires changed colors several times

Electricity Motor vehicle Electrical wiring Electronic instrument Gas

Here is the Sony amp and the VAaudio crossover.

Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Auto part Electrical wiring Automotive design

The battery connections and the great remote turn on.

Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Asphalt Road surface

The Memphis mono amp. And yes, the distribution block was the power and was between the carpet and the padding.

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Wheel Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design

Sony amp connections

Trigger Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Audio equipment

Memphis amp connections

Light Electrical wiring Line Wood Rope

JVC radio harness

Wood Electrical wiring Wire Cable Asphalt

Un-pinned the speaker wires out of the harness

Brown Wood Electrical wiring Tints and shades Pattern

Solder in a 4 pin connector to the harness and put the ground and the emergency brake wire together.

Automotive tire Tread Font Auto part Tire

Cleaned it up with Tesa tape

Automotive lighting Amber Electrical wiring Bumper Automotive exterior

Labeled the remote wire.


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Light Sleeve Collar Dress shirt Electric blue

Stinger X1 RCA labeled for Front Rear and Sub

Rope Circle Jewellery Natural material Wire

RCAs with label flags on the source side.

Audio equipment Electronic instrument Gas Gadget Musical instrument accessory

Cleaned up the 2 amps

Blue Black Rectangle Wood Road surface

Latingbout the amp boards to mount under the seat with 12mm (1/2") PVC board.

Musical instrument accessory Electrical wiring Audio equipment Gas Electronic engineering

Setting up the wires and labeling the amp

Gas Electric blue Tableware Event Electrical wiring

Sony amp mounted (Sorry for the out of focus pic)
Circuit component Electronic instrument Audio equipment Electrical wiring Computer hardware

Again sorry for the out of focus pic. IM NEW! 馃槅

Bumper Gadget Flooring Audio equipment Gas

Memphis amp mounted to the amp border and the
used 1/8" ABS plastic to mount amp board to the seat brackets. (Not seen in photo)
Gadget Display device Space Netbook Multimedia

Powered up and everything come on now.

Trunk Electrical wiring Gadget Gas Cable

2 DS18 crossovers for the front components mounted to 1/8" ABS, board is then mounted to mounded nipples on the factory HVAC box. NOT screwed into or through the box.
All wires labeled.
The other 2 crossovers are back at each set of components. Forgot to snap pics of those.

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Wood Automotive tire Metal Road surface Wire

Removed the battery to plan out where the Stinger isolator would go and the fuse.

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Gear shift Steering part

Made a bracket from 1/8" ABS and mounted the isolator
Hood Light Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Mounted between the battery and fender

Helmet Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design

Hard to see but re did the power from the alternate to the battery, power from the battery to the starter solenoid, Ground from the alternate bracket to the battery, ground from the alternate bracket to the frame, and added a power run to the Stinger isolator.

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive tire Trunk

New Sky High battery terminals and Fuses holder that's mounted to ABS plastic

Helmet Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Here's a better pic of the alternate

Automotive lighting Electricity Electrical wiring Gas Cable

Second battery in the back (customer insisted on it)

Trip computer Motor vehicle Car Automotive design Steering part

Not seen here but re mounted the A/C controls and set radio in place and securely fasten it down with fasteners from the bottom. The monitor screen works now! 馃挭 amazing what proper wiring and set up will do 馃槅

And that about wraps it up on this one.
I didn't get pics on the suds. Nothing to crazy. Just and pair of Pioneer 12s in Pioneer wedge enclosures that's slid back into the cuddy area.

Thanks to checking it out.
Facebook @GilldonAudio
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