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put 2" tang bands in the a pillars today :)

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well not exactly "in"....but i put a towel behind each one and set it on the same angle it would be mounted....:)

crossed them over at 400hz....18db/octave...with the silver flute 5.25's running about 600 on down....and i turned off my xls's...since i don't have a good amp to run them anyways....

i had to chop 4k down fairly good...but after that....the image height/staging was the best i've had in this car so far....i've never had opeth's growl up above the dash and dead center....kinda fun....

downsides: the suckers are innefficient...male vocals did kind of lack some "body"....and i'm not sure if i like the top end or not....if i had the eq right now....i'd boost the top end a bit...but i don't....but soon :)

but....the passenger seat sucks :) but i really don't care....
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got a pic of thsoe ? Ive never seen 2" tangbands

you should look into the auras, and the hivi's ") maybe they would sound better

this dude did some bad## reviews

according to him a $9 hi-vi is the best 3" midrange

go figure gotta love DIY

and check out this aura ns3 porn in a to go box LOL

and hey man Ill be sending my xls 8" 125 or so rms is that enough power? in your opinion
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i'm gonna have to build out the pillars for these 2's....not sure if i can fit 3's....i want it to be kinda stealth...i thought about trying the hi vi 2's....but zaph gave them a crappy review...and they are not efficient at all....i may just have to go with a tweeter that can go super the morel mt-12...

if that's 125 rms at 8 ohms....then yes...they'll go bang bang bang....:)
yeah its @ 8 ohm , whew youhad me worried for a second,

yeah luckily my apillars are huge so im other going 2 ns3, or 1 4.5" vifa per side :)

havent decided which yet

from what I have read though the 2" just cant handle the power and are not loud enough, can you run two per side? it would be like tweeters :)

those new daytons in the review play down to 1500 I think and they are 4 ohm which is sweeet
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