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I have installed a 4 year old PXE-H650 into my new car, about 2 months ago. The unit has been used in my old car for several months before that. I use it with the new car's factory radio, and I had no noise BUT the unit turns ON (along with the amp) whenever I open the door without turning on the car. I've actually seen the unit turned off after 5 minutes, then open the door, the unit pops back on. So strange to me. Though I don't have any noise issue with this setup. It has been liked that since the day I install it in the car. And recently I started getting "silence" when I turn on the car. Have to turn radio off for 5 minutes, turn back on, then I have music.

A few days ago I switched out the radio for another one. It is still a factory CD player but this one doesn't have internal amp and has differential balance output. The unit still behaves the same as described before. But now I get pops whenever the H650 is on and the car is off--when I insert the key, when I open the door, press the horn, hit the harzard switch--anything electrical will get noise into the system when the car is off. All noises are gone as soon as I turn the ignition to ACC or ON. Have tried to switch to AUX Primary, convert the line to RCA, and use remote turn on wire, then sometimes the unit doesn't turn off and give me pops, statics, etc. to the speakers after the car turns off.

When using the RCA input, I have buzz noise on one side at first. Then some time later I have music on left and right speakers--only to find that they are mixed up. By that I mean, both left and right channels are playing on both speakers. Verified that with balance. If I use auto-sensing input, after the car is ON, it is very clean and strong and I don't have any problem with channels.

I have the power wire connected on the same +12V constant line with the factory CD player and grounded to the amp ground. And I am sure everything is connected correctly. Door does have chime but only when car is on and it isn't played through the speakers. Want to know if the H650 is bad. Thank you.
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