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q for any P99RS owners with XM

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On my P99RS I have the CD-SB10 Sirius Bus interface/SCVDOC1 dock/StarMate 5 receiver for Sirius. It drives me nuts that the deck shows artist, title, and album for iPod songs, but only a single line of text for Sirius songs.

I'm moving my gear to a new vehicle soon and will switch to XM if someone can confirm that with the equivalent setup for XM, you can see both artist and title simultaneously.

I'd also love to know if Instant Replay is supported on XM. With Sirius, it depends on whether the receiver you have supports it, so if you're able to rewind/FF your XM, please also share what hardware you're using.

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I have been using Pioneer decks for nearly 10 years and they have all been single line displays when it comes to XM. I have used the older XM direct units: XMDPIO100 and the gex-p910xm and something else that I can't recall.

I wonder if the p920xm will give you a two line display, but I doubt it. (if anyone would chime in).

Now, I could be wrong, but I doubt the P99 will do 2lines for XM

For the RW/FF feature, that comes with the new tuners that are out now, the SXV100/SXV200 and from what I read online last week, your HU has to have the "SiriusXM" logo on it to be compatible. Also, from reading, if you HU has the "SAT ready" logo, it will not work.

Hope this helps a lil, even though I didn't answer for question directly. I wish there was more support or more talk out in the forums of what actually works, line display details, compatibility, etc.
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might try hitting the xm/sirius forum to see if they have more info on this. i know i did see something on xm forum last week about these same issue with pioneer head units and they did a break down on line display issue. if i can find the link again, will post it
Thanks for the info. I haven't been able to find that forum post you mentioned, but I did find some posts that indicate the GEX-P920XM supports multiline display. Though, that seems to depend on your HU too.

I found a thread on Crutchfield's forum where a guy found that if you plug that to a DEH-P5900IB, the second line can only display channel name - but if you connect it to a DEH-P4900IB and toggle the two-line display to be the two lines you want, then move it back to a DEH-P5900IB without disconnecting the power, you'll be able to see the two lines you chose - until the next time you have to disconnect the battery, after which the stupid P5900 will go back to having the second line locked to channel name.

Stupid Pioneer.

I just checked the owner's manual for the P99RS. Oddly, for Sirius it tells you each item you can set the display line to show using the D/Scrl button, but for XM it just says "Press D/Scrl to switch the XM display" with no details given about what your choices are.

I also saw that it tells you how to use Instant Replay for Sirius, but no mention of it for XM.
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