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Quality Amp Fan

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OK guys i just got done with my install on a 92 Mustang Vert. My amp is in a very concealed spot in the rear of my trunk (shoebox size). After running my amp at a good power rate for about an hour it will go into protect. I do not have a fan as of yet as I just did my install from things lying around the house, I have been out of Car audio for years but figured I would install the stuff instead of it sitting on a shelf. I am very happy with it. What do u guys recommend for a good fan to cool the amp off? I have really no other place to mount the amp to get airflow on it.
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If it's in a sealed trunk, I see no reason to get anything special. No matter how loud it is, you won't hear it. Just get any fan with good airflow, the bigger the better. You only need one fan to suck out the hot air and a vent to bring in cool air. Seal the box so that it only draws in air from the cool source. You shouldn't need to spend more than $10.
Is this a sealed location? If so, a squirrel cage is not a good option. Perhaps I misunderstood the nature of the amp placement.
For a smaller area, I would agree with Mooble in that one only should use a vent in with a fan pulling the hot air out. For a large area, I have found push/pull to be more effective than just a single fan (ETA: or series of fans) only pulling air out.

Also, one of the forum members on this site gave me a great recommendation for a noise filter if the fan adds noise to the audio signal. Use the low pass section of a spare passive crossover on the power wire going to the fan and no more noise. ;)
140 Millimeter Fans

These are pretty good 140mm fans.

Personally, I would use Panaflo's or Deltas.
120 Millimeter Case Fans
I picked up a crossflow fan for 20 bucks today at a local audio shop that had a few discontinued ones lying around. It definitely throws some air. I was trying to post pics of where the amp is going but have had no luck so far, maybe because I am new here. I have it wired onto the remote connection so it goes off and on with the amp. I picked up zero noise to the audio signal either. I want to clear up something too, the amp is not in a separate enclosure it is in the trunk which I have about 4 inches on top of the amp clearance. This should keep the old HiFonics a lot cooler. I think I am going to mount it right above the amp blowing directly down on the heat sync, it moves enough air so it should also clear the heat from that area. Thanks for the help. Bill
Actually, I would recommend putting it blowing air across the fins of the heat sink versus blowing directly down onto the heat sink.
I basically have to put it where I have room I should be able to get enough on one end to let it blow across thanks for the suggestion.

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Oh wow...tight space. For some reason I was thinking false floor or something. I bet that fan you have works out great
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