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Hello Everyone,

I am looking to get any insight on the "Anodized" amp line of the PPI Mosfet Power Series "M". We all know this line originally comes in Black, but I have so far seen (2) Gray/Silver Anodized Amps, (I own 1), and I've never seen another Bronze/Copper Anodized Amp before.

From the condition of the amps, I can see that the "Anodizing" is not due to faded paint or heat. These were definitely made this way.
Can someone shed some light on how many of these there may be in circulation? Have you ever seen one before? Is there someone from PPI here that could give a more "official" explanation behind these units? Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Note: The Amps pictured are PPI-2150Ms

A picture of the Gray/Silver Anodized Amp (the Silkscreen has faded on it):

A picture of the Bronze/Copper Anodized Amp (the Silkscreen is in perfect condition):
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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