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Question for the Pioneer fans.

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It's been a long time since I had a system in my Dodge Durango. The last one was stole. Insurance company wouldnt pay for them, so I didn't pay them. I have a old Pioneer DEH-P550MP, which is still kicking. I have stock infinity door speakers. I went down to the local stereo place in Yakima, WA and got some model numbers for the subs and amp.

The guy down there wanted me to buy one of the Pioneer GM-D8400M amp, and two of the Pioneer TS-SW1201S4 (shallow subs), wire them in parallel to drop them from 4 ohms to 2 ohms, so I would get the alot out of the Pioneer GM-D8400M amp. My question is, is he ripping me off? They wanted about $650 for all the one Pioneer GM-D8400M amp, two of the Pioneer TS-SW1201S4 subs, and two sealed boxes.

One route is, where I can use my third row seat if I need to, but that is only 10% of the time, with the Pioneer GM-D8400M amp, and two of the Pioneer TS-SW1201S4 Shallow subs. The second route is to go with a couple of the Tens Pioneer TS-W2501D2, in a ported box, with a Pioneer PRS-D1200SPL amp(s). I dont know if I would have to use one amp or two for both tens.

I'm stuck on what route I want to go, help me out. Should I go with the shallow subs where I can use my third row seat, when I need too. Or go with the two large tens and not use my third row seat?

I use my third row seat some times, but not all the time. About 90% the third row seats are down. I have choosen Pioneer because of personal preference. I dont have a place where I can work to build a box. The land lord doesnt allow you to work on your cars in the parking lot.

Thanks for reading,

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they are trying to rip you off. You can get either that equipment cheaper online or better equipment for the same money.
I looked up ebay and they are cheaper. Thanks
With so many people on here I would think there would be some pioneer people out there to help someone to get started with a system.
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