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Question for you IB guys

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All this IB goodness going on around here has made me curious. Mainly it has struck my interest because I go camping a few times a year and could really use the trunk space.

From what I was reading earlier shoving a lot of stuff in my trunk will raise the fs, which will make the speakers play lows worse. Any experience with this?

I'm kind of liking the idea of making the baffle vertical instead of sloping it with my backseat and having the cones facing the trunk. A stealth install. This would also keep the billion things I shove in my trunk while camping away from my wires, motors, and amps. Would that be more work than just sloping the baffle against the opening that's already there on my trunk?
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I've heard an IB setup as you've described and I think it works very well!

When playing into the back of the seat you will, in some cases, get compounding due to the rigidity of the seat the close proximity of the cone.

In my IB setup I have removed the steel out of the back seat and replaced it with speaker grille to eliminate this issue.

The only issue I have now is I can still pump the seat against the latches that lock them in position. So… I normally will not latch my rear seat to avoid this issue.

I think turning the subs around and/or letting them breathe through the rear deck works much better with less effort.

Raise Fs ?? From reduced volume... maybe after you have stuffed the trunk to the point nothing else will fit.
^ what he said. i could notice a difference with my trunk stuffed, but to me it made the subs sound more like a sealed box. it gave it more punch, and i just lost some of the low end, which you can't hear that well doing 80 anyways...
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