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Question on 'mounting-depth'

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I recently bought a pair of speakers to replace in my girlfriends car because one of her speakers was blown. Not knowing any better I didn't think of mounting depth, and it turns out that the magnet on these speakers is a bit too deep for the mounting bracket. I'm able to mount them, and was actually able to get one to sit nice. The other, though, vibrates like crazy on the low frequencies - makes the whole door rattle. Doing a little web perusing, I discovered that for her car the mounting depth is 2-7/8", yet the specs on these speakers are 3". I tried using some washers to try and meet the clearance, but it still doesn't seem to help the vibration noise. Any suggestions on what I can do to eliminate the vibrations (aside from exchanging the speakers)?!?!
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I would try mounting them to an MDF ring, then to the door. Using washers is actually not a good idea because you'll have serious air leaks at the mounting surface.
You need a speaker spacer / adapter. If you want a quick fix you can get a plastic pair from a Best Buy car stereo install shop for like $7. Don't use washers.
Like this but cut it straight. I used a cheap jig saw. Go for a router if you can. Pull the speaker out and roll the window down. Take your ring and put it in between the door and back of the speaker and see if the magnet is hitting the window on the inside. If it comes down on the magnet from above, it will shatter the window inside the door if it hits. Sort of like a giant washer for the speaker. Then use some silicone to seal the ring to the door. I used phillips head screws to attach it but I'm sure there are better ways like bolts or weird nuts, hardware.

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