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Questions about head unit sub level and bass boost??

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I've been reading a bit about how to properly adjust amp gain but couldn't find too much about head unit sub level control or bass boost. In general, where should these levels be set or would you even use them?? In case it matters, head unit is an Alpine CDA-9881. What about bass boost on amps?? Does this affect SQ?? Any help would be great.
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Personally, I prefer not to use boost [ it sounds bassy and makes the load heavier ].

But, once you have your gains set [ flat is the way to go ], then kick on your boost etcetera....
It's generally a good idea to leave the bass boost on amps off, & if you need a little boost when you change different genres of music just adjust your bass to your liking on the H/U.
That's what I do anyway.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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